Do NOT Overlook These 3 Truths When Planning Your Next Travel Adventure!

Posted on July 21 2018

Do NOT Overlook These 3 Truths When Planning Your Next Travel Adventure!


It’s official. 

2018 is THE year that the notion of ’travel’ has escalated beyond popularity and into the realm of obsession among most of us ascending souls. 

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram, and the first thing I saw was one of @plantifulsoul’s travel pictures. 

I continued to scroll down my newsfeed and it hit me like a ton of bricks: most of us would not mind being on heights that overlook Machu Picchu, swinging from a tree in Bali, or hanging out with elephants in Thailand…. ALL YEAR ROUND! 

…and I get it…

Being in a completely different environment can trigger that adrenaline rush. It can elevate our dopamine levels. It can lead to exciting discoveries. It even can be an aphrodisiac.

…and let’s not forget the cute new pictures we take for our social mediums!


Travel can also be a major pain in the ass…

The Three Truths! Flat Lay

You probably have been there—those common situations that put a big fat damper on your mood?

Those long and exhausting layover flights, those troubles with communication due to language barriers, those stolen valuables, that lost cash or passport, that illness caught from nearby parasites…

...and the list goes ON and ON.

And trust me, I've had my fair share of both the good AND the bad.

My first solo trip outside of the country was to Costa Rica, about 3 years ago.

This trip marked the beginning of my travel journey.

Ever since then, I have come to realize three truths that remain present wherever I go, and you’ll find that this will be the case for you and most people who choose to travel as a lifestyle!

The Three Unexpected Truths About Lifestyle Travel

Truth #1: Interaction with strangers is inevitable.

The Good:

I've found that I am completely myself when I am in a new place with new people. When you're in a place where no one knows you or even knows your name, you don't feel as though there's anyone to impress, and you can be yourself without judgement.

The Bad:

Not everyone you meet is going to be or wants to be your friend. A common thing I ran into in Costa Rica is being treated like a tourist by locals there. You will also most likely encounter people who act a certain way to hide their nature or their true colours. Unfortunately, intentions are not as clear as a full moon's light!


Truth #2: How People Live In Other Cultures Is Always A Surprise in Person.

The Good:

You may travel to a place where other people live completely different lives, have less or have more, and see what types of daily struggles they have to go through. Some of the countries I've visited were poorer countries, where families were living in small, one bedroom apartments and having barely any food to eat. Not only did this make me appreciate all that I had back home, but it also made me feel more compassion towards these people and help them in any way I can.

The Bad:

Not everyone you meet will be like-minded. Habits, traditions and rituals that are alien to you will likely arise. During my trip in Costa Rica, I recall just wanting to go out and explore, while the group I was staying with were already used to the entire area. I started to deeply miss my boyfriend’s presence, who would have enjoyed exploring with me.


Truth #3: Moments Of Solitude Must be Arranged In Advance. 

The Good:

Imagine sitting up on a high cliff over the ocean as the waves crash below you and the sun starts to set. Being present in that moment will make you feel more alive. It’s like you’re on a date with yourself, and all the topics you discuss with yourself are fulfilling, deep, passionate, even sometimes quirky! Moments of solitude will ground you and ensure you’re really in alignment with yourself.

The Bad:

This one might seem surprising to some of you, but believe me, you will want to avoid the bad here as much as possible.. When you’re in solitude, always be aware of the presence of all your belongings. It’s easy to lose something or have something stolen. And if that’s the case, those things will not come back 99% of the time. Do your due diligence to make sure in advance that all your stuff is safe!

Maria Defrancesco

Today, I keep these three truths in mind whenever I plan a new adventure, and being aware of them does wonders to my travel experiences.

Have I missed any others important truths? Let me know in the comments below, and let's chat! :)

That’s all for now. See you next week for my next post!

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Maria Defrancesca |

Maria is a certified Integrative Wellness Coach who helps guide individuals to being the best versions of themselves through inner work, nutrition, and lifestyle behaviour. Feel free to connect with her on her instagram!



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