On Anxiety: 6 Powerful Community-Based Coping Mechanisms

Posted on October 22 2018

On Anxiety: 6 Powerful Community-Based Coping Mechanisms


Anxiety is a thief who will run away with your heart.. if you so allow it. 

We recently went on our Instagram page and asked you, how often do you experience anxiety and what are some of your coping mechanisms?

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The responses were astounding. In the event you don’t follow us on Instagram, what the hell are you waiting for?
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We heard from people who have suffered as many as 7 panic attacks a day & were able to get them down to one a year.

How can you get a similar healing result?

The simple answer is, harnessing the power which already exists within you. Science teaches us the miracle that is the human brain- it not only regulates the major systems in our bodies, it is also the throne where your pineal resides.

The harsh truth?

There is no miracle cure for anxiety -- you won’t be able to escape your shadow work. You won’t overpower your anxiety in a day; but you can make the decision to commit to your healing and take the first step in a day, and that’s the most important day you will ever live, as our friends on instagram have experienced.

Anxiety, as well as other obstacles you may encounter/have encountered, will all get easier after that -- I promise.

Before we get into our list, I need to emphasize to you that you are not alone.

There are millions of people around the world that suffer or have the same questions you do.  Even we have our days or moments where throwing in the towel and crying in a corner seems like a great option. This is why it is important that we rest when we are weary, so that we don’t quit while we are winning.
Every step -- every thought -- every minute action you take in the direction of your anxiety healing is another river crossed, another mountain trekked, and another wall you’ve blown through in the way of your healing. You can do this.

You, more than anyone, deserve the love that you try to give everyone else. We exist to remind you of this.

Below are 7 healing mechanisms to better assist you with your anxiety coping:

1. Practice detachment.

Anxiety occurs any time we as individuals become attached to an outcome; when we learn to detach from that outcome and flow with life’s natural rhythms, we will break free.

The trick is to live every moment in gratitude, knowing it may all go to hell in an instant and trusting that if it does, hell is exactly what your soul needed next to continue evolving.

Nothing lasts forever in this life, my friends -- not joy, and not sorrow. Rejoice in your joys and they’ll never leave you in your sorrows. 

2. Grounding and breathing exercises.

Meditative principles teach us the immense power of the breath for physical and emotional balance.
The autonomic nervous system can become overwhelmed and lead to adrenal depletion if you allow stress to run rampant within you. You’ve seen the memes- ‘inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit’?

It’s the same concept here. You can practice counting down from 100, look up various breathing exercises on YouTube or pull up guided meditations if you need some extra help. Go outside in nature and walk barefoot like our ancestors did. Call upon your bloodline to assist in your expansion. Feel the wind upon your skin and will it to take with it any thoughts or feelings that weigh you down and keep you from flight.


3. Effective problem-solving.

Is your anxiety caused by a specific situation? After you’ve taken some time to breathe it out, think it through. What can you actively control?  Can you implement some solutions that will move you along, even just a bit?

Look at your problem as a puzzle, don’t become overwhelmed by the details. You are the enigmatologist (the science of solving PUZZLES of any kind). When you look at it that way, what is there to fear?

You're only a few moves away from a better outcome, whether that move pertains to your internal self, or external surroundings.

4. Thought replacement and talk therapy.

This is a thing, and it actually works.  Let’s look at your brain as a computer for a moment. Every computer needs a program to run it, yes? Well your negative thought is a program that was installed onto your hard drive.

You have to deprogram before you can reprogram because there’s only so much storage space. Deprogram by witnessing your negative self-talk, thanking it for coming up, then directly addressing it within yourself.

For example, looking in the mirror you may notice your midsection is softer than it used to be and you immediately think, “I’m so fat.”  Now, tell yourself, “Yes, I’ve gained some weight, but I’ve also brought forth life and there is no warrior who exists without scars. This is evidence I have endured and survived. I am not today, who I was yesterday. Birth could have taken me, but it created me instead.”

Now you’ve not only sent your negative thought on a hike, you replaced it with gratitude, compassion, wisdom and grace. New program in place, old one gone- two birds with one stone.

6. Self acceptance and patience.

Please keep in mind as you embark on your journey of self-discovery and ultimate mastery that healing comes in waves, just as life ebbs and flows.

You will have great days, and you will have bad ones. Do not succumb to negative thinking such as “I should be further along than this” or “Why am i so weak”. Pour compassion into your wounds, and love will bloom from every pore. Be patient with yourself. You are learning and growing exactly as you should.

6. Art therapy.

In case you hadn’t noticed, WIMU offers art posters intended to help you heal and manifest. See which artworks make you feel better, which moods you enjoy, and hang them up in your space so you can be surrounded by their energy.

With inspiration, art therapy allows you to take your emotions outside of yourself and convey them in a creative way. Drawing, writing, poetry, music, yoga, dancing, reorganizing your closet -- these are all things that require focus and combine inspiration with creation.

You can do all sorts of things with your art -- keep it so you can look back upon your journey to witness how far you’re coming -- or burn it under moonlight, wash away the ashes in water, then return it to the earth. There is no set rule for art, and that’s what makes it amazing -- go wild, moonchild, and please.. Stay wild.

We could go on forever, but this is definitely a great start to commence your journey toward self-love and self-preservation without overwhelming You.

Do you currently employ any of these methods? Do they work for you? Did you learn a few?  Drop us a comment and let us know if this helps! Your feedback keeps us going.

For now, we wish you Health.



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