Aurelia's Transcendence: A Letter To The Children Of The Universe

Posted on October 18 2018

Aurelia's Transcendence: A Letter To The Children Of The Universe

So many of us act as though the universe is something that happens in a far away place, something that exists far beyond the cloud formations above our heads. 

Among the greater majority of Man, “A Universe” becomes a thought equal to “A Relationship” or “A Job” or even “An Interest/Hobby”. Similarly to how we take a person, job, or hobby for granted, the universe is also taken for granted.

I mean it makes sense to right? After all, the universe's melodies are far from our ears, its chemistry is far from our sight, and its objects are far from our touch.


In reality, “The Universe” is in fact “OUR Universe” and IT is the reason why we’re even here in the first place.

While it is true that as a human beings we have immense limitations that prevent us from experiencing the universe in its entirety, the fact is that WE ARE the universe. We play a role in the system of the universe just like every other star and every other planet out there!

In today’s post, AURELIA, a wise catwoman spirit, leaves us with a letter in which she contemplates the role we play within the confinement of the universe.

If you’re feeling lost about your place in this universe, this letter is for you!

“Dear Children Of The Universe,

In this letter, I wish to meditate in the valleys of your mind, sing to the heart of your soul, and dance among the shadows of your spirits. Our subject of discussion for today pertains to our existence in this abstract realm we call ‘the universe’.

Do not adopt the foolish notion that the universe is a faraway place. That might be the case when it comes to our physical realm, but the universe's spirit dances within our hearts, and our souls intertwine with the heart of the universe.

Perhaps the entire universe is too colossal and generic a realm to reference without denoting some scientific detail. I will narrow down our discussion to our part of the universe, planet Earth.

If earth has the most ancient networks of beings, then the memory of Earth is the ultimate harvester and preserver of all situations and experiences here on this planet.

In our world, EXPERIENCE acts as the backbone that awakens, enables, and stabilizes the growth of humans. We attach experience to the urgency of modern individuality. Life on Earth becomes all about orchestrating individual experiences, and less about being actively part of a giant wave of enlightened change.
And quite unfortunately, we shut the door on the great and unfamiliar opportunities of the universe and complain that opportunity around us is scarce.

Quite evidently, all of our experiences fade away, no matter how significant they contribute to our Earthly lives. They fade similarly to how noon vanishes before night and how night dissolves at the break of day. At the end of each experience is the beginning of a new experience and the cycle repeats itself most definitely.

That which ultimately brings the wheel of experience to a halt is the final silence: death. Which then leads to another experience.

Planets and galactic entities also have similar rotations of existence to human beings, except their cycles last millions if not billions of years.

For human beings, in the natural transitory moment from life to death, the only thing that preserves and harvests our experiences is our MEMORIES.

Our memories will always harbour the darkest of our secrets and the brightest of our triumphs.

So what memories can we latch on to between the transitory phases of creation and self? Are our memories confined to the trivial details of ordinary life on Earth, or are they rich and up to the standard of our metaphysical nature as children of the universe?

On this night, in the ninth life of my being, I propel myself. I channel my energies and jump far, far away from this planet. I propel myself far away from the heat of the sun, the rhythms of the seas and the vibrance of the moon in search of answers that will quench my thirst for knowledge about our role within this vast universe.

I wish for one thing of you in my absence…

...since you ARE a child of the universe with the ability to experience, act as if, and remember the universe in your memories…

...OWN UP to your role and remember to do whatever it is in your power to make our universe a more enchanting place to live in. Make magical experiences, and harbor the dearest ones to you within your memories. The universe already lives WITHIN you, you ARE the universe, so BE the universe.

You will experience fulfillment as bright as the sun, and treasure memories as abundant as the stars.


Thanks for reading!

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