Does Your Personality Change with Time?

Posted on November 23 2018

Does Your Personality Change with Time?

Do people change throughout their life? This question is possibly one of the oldest and most debated ones in society in general, as well as in philosophy and psychology.

Since the personality is a basic construct within the field of psychology, many definitions have been developed. Most of them have common points that can help us better understand this concept.

In today's post, we're going to break down the basics for you and determine how feasible it is for one to change his or her personality.

From the moment we are born, our personality characteristics start developing right off the bat. With time some of us develop characteristics like quietness and calmness, while others develop opposing characteristics like loudness and aggressiveness.

Most of you lovely readers in the WIMU community have even developed colorful palettes of traits that caused us to be that much more unique and interesting than the average (humble pride?).

These characteristics that we develop continue to follow us right into our adulthood.

Now, one may conclude that this combination of developed characteristics is the end-all-be-all of a personality, but that is FAR from the case!

As we grow older, our personality characteristics are affected by certain factors--from illnesses and physical injuries, to changes in geographical locations, or even genetics.

Common life events also affect our personality characteristics like the death of a loved one, motherhood/fatherhood, marriage, or even the adaptation to an entirely different culture.

As a result of these life events, we develop habits that directly or indirectly alter our personality traits.

Is there such a thing as a "better" personality?

Yes and no.

Each personality is unique in its own way. It would be quite a subjective judgement to deem one personality better than another, since there is someone out there who definitely has opposing judgements.

Fact is, different people have different views regarding different situations, different tastes and preferences, and different ways of connecting and interacting with the universe.

People are just different, and all personalities are truly so beautiful in their own ways, beneath the veil of our bodies and surface character.

We can commonly agree, however, that being virtuous is a good quality for developing greatness and becoming more harmonious with the greater good. That, in my opinion, is a wonderful target for developing a 'better personality'. Check out this guide for adapting Aristotle's virtues in order to live the Good Life.


How can we cope with different personalities?

Understanding that people are different is the first step to coping with differences.

According to Kendra Cherry, author of 'Everything Psychology',

“By better knowing each other’s traits, you can better respond to the needs and traits of your loved ones and build stronger partnerships."

For instance, not all shy people are introverts. In fact, some of them are very social but have looser energy when they communicate to strangers. When they feel more comfortable with them, they become more social and talkative.

Does that sound like you? Leave a comment below and let me know! :)

Getting back to the point though, once we understand these different traits in people, it becomes easier to communicate, understand, and build more meaningful friendships/partnerships with them...

...friendships that last the test of time!

Moreover, we learn a ton about our own personality traits throughout the process.

Take action by observing traits of people closest to you. Remember to keep an objective view and not be judgemental. Nobody likes being judged, so keep this exercise to yourself!

Can I change my personality traits?

Rather debatable.

Every personality has its strengths and weaknesses; it is quite difficult to point out which particular trait is 100% perfect. Especially keeping in mind that the notion of . perfection differs from individual to individual.

Rather than focusing on changing our personalities, we should focus on improving them for ourselves and for the greater good of mankind.

Remember, you will attract whatever vibrations you're putting out, so focusing on becoming better and more virtuous will definitely attract more of such people into your life.

In conclusion, since it is not easy to change our key traits, we can always improve on those that are negative or those that do not make us happy. This can only be brought about by an individual's will to improve and become a better person.

Thanks for reading! Which personality characteristics do you admire in others, and which get on your nerves?

Let's discuss in the comments.

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