Butterfly Kundalini: 7 EASY Kundalini Awakening Techniques

Posted on October 01 2018

Butterfly Kundalini: 7 EASY Kundalini Awakening Techniques

As you journey through your path of spiritual awakening, you embark upon various universes of possible techniques and practices. 

Since we mortals are not as all-knowing as we think we are, it is commonplace to face intimidation regarding which of these universes to explore. We cannot be sure what will work for us and what will not, and reading self-help literature doesn't conjure a well aligned solution--at least not like experiencing something for yourself.

The concept of Kundalini Awakening is not such a universe. In fact, this concept will give you clarity about the world and your place in it, the power to see and feel what you should do with your life, and the ability to make sense of all your emotions.

I have distilled years of research into seven simple and straightforward steps to unlocking the Kundalini Awakening.

What Is The Kundalini Awakening?

Simply put, a Kundalini Awakening is a way of tapping into a deep and powerful type of energy that exists within us all. You can use this energy to gain greater insight on yourself, others and your universe.

Some experts describe Kundalini as being the specific type of energy that manifests in our conscious minds when we free ourselves from conscious thought. A lot of us are familiar with the spiralling serpents, which represent the energy that circulates up your spine and through your chakras, leading to the Kundalini Awakening experience.

Signs of Kundalini Awakening

Personally, I have not experienced a serpent-like flow of energy moving through my chakras like others have, but you just might if you go for it. Mona Saroya, a WIMU angel and professional poetess describes it as follows:

"The divine energy of creation, awakens every aspect of the oneness within and without. Cleansing all chakras as she sweeps the inner temple clean. I feel the heat raise like a serpent slithering up my spine. Invisible realms become visible; while earthly laws become invisible."

Other symptoms you will face include enhanced empathy, a razor-sharp intuitive judgement and a confident type of awareness unlike any other you've had. If you are even mildly interested in manifesting these things, a Kundalini Awakening would be a universe you'll want to explore.

7 Techniques To Awaken Your Kundalini

First and foremost, you must shift your prana (or life force) away from focusing on thoughts about the external world. Kundalini energy is potent and beyond your physical existence, therefore anything going on with the five senses in your body must be put at a distance.

It can be challenging to make such an alteration if you're not used to it, I get it. But remember that you're always one small change away from infinite bigger changes. With patience and practice, aligning the prana correctly can become second nature.

Without further ado, let's dive into the 7 Simple techniques to apply to conquer the Kundalini universe.

Breathing - Reframing - Posturing - Channeling - Visualizing - Immersing - Eliminating

1. Breathing
The first step in achieving Kundalini awakening is focusing on your breath. This aids in enhancing self-awareness and blocking external distractions within the current environment. Breath when you rise and before you sleep each day, take deep breaths from the diaphragm through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. I know you’re bored of hearing this, but you know you can do it better and in a more mindful way.

2. Reframing
Awakening the Kundalini requires an individual to reframe all negative thoughts.“Reframing” is a skill we build, and it’s done by grabbing a negative thought by the horns and summoning its positive side within your mind. With reframing, “it’s too cold to go outside” becomes “I have a full afternoon to spend on something I enjoy indoors.”

3. Posturing
There is a close link between a good posture and Kundalini awakening. If you have a sedentary job that involves long hours at a computer, you may be prone to hunching with rounded shoulders. Stress also causes muscle tension. The main takeaway here is to keep your spine straight. Not used to it? Set an hourly reminder and enjoy (in parallel) the fruit of a stronger, more confident body.

4. Channeling
Once your breathing and posture are in check, channel your focused energy down your spine to the tailbone area (your central channel). And once you feel a gentle vibration there, chant your OM and picture a balloon slowly expanding and deflating in your pelvic/abdominal area. As you do this, have an awareness of what is coming out. This exercise is the simplest way to access the central channel, which is the base from which the Kundalini energy rises from.

5. Visualizing
This one's especially great when you see serpents invading your chakras with invigorating, divine energy. You may be familiar with light visualizations, which are often experienced when meditating. The "Divine Light Invocation" is a simple and powerful light visualizing technique you can do now.
Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your eyes closed. Guide your eyes so that they’re looking towards the middle of your forehead. As you do this, breathe and firmly raise your arms above your head. Repeat the following, imagining yourself bathed in bright, white light: “Divine light creates me. Divine light sustains me. Divine light protects and surrounds me. I am constantly growing into divine light.”


6. Immersing

Immersing in activities you enjoy does not only translate into a more enjoyable life, but it also has direct implications on Kundalini Awakening. Doing something you love helps you forget time and feel at ease, which takes you closer to the romantic relationship you ought to have with a powerful energy like that of the Kundalini.
Not sure what you love doing? Jot down a quick list of 10 - 15 things you enjoy doing. Add things that make you happy. At least one of these things will stand out for you to continue, consider or learn!

7. Eliminating

Time to annihilate distractions--they are holding you back and you know it. This one's key especially in today's world, where we constantly jump around from thing to thing or app to app!
In order to awaken your Kundalini, y
ou need to disengage from external distractions, in order to create space for a new kind of thinking and feeling to emerge. Have a look at the distractions in your current habits and living space, and eliminate them one by one until you're left with only the ones that matter.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, experiencing the Kundalini Awakening will propel you into a better, sharper and more mindful version of yourself. I'm a practitioner of all seven techniques, though I do admit I must work on my posture. I even straightened my back while typing this sentence on my laptop. *win*

Which of these techniques have you tried? Have you experienced a Kundalini Awakening?

Let me know in the comments! 

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  • Fred: October 05, 2018

    This was a great read and perfect intro for a novice as myself. Thank you for it!

  • Lillith Dove: October 02, 2018

    This was a great read , simple and straight to the point.
    I am great at breathing and eliminating.
    Reframing is something I’m currently working on, Posture/Channeling I could be doing better, quieting my mind to visualize I need work on , Immersing and Eliminating go hand and hand with me.
    I have tons of hobbies I love to do and have done but have been distracted but things that do not matter.

    Great read to keep focused.
    I put it in my notes.

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