Lightworker Laundry: 4 POWERFUL Ways To Clean Your Dirty Energy

Posted on July 24 2018

Lightworker Laundry: 4 POWERFUL Ways To Clean Your Dirty Energy

You have listened to your intuition. You have followed what you sense to be your calling. You continue to embark down the unique path that defines your identity in mind, body and spirit..

..yet something feels off.

Your senses tell you that something just isn’t right, you feel it deep in your gut.

This could be attributed to various reasons, but from a point of consciousness, it is probably due to an imbalance in energy levels or the flow of ‘bad energy’.

Worth noting: Bad energy will INFECT the flow of clean, divine energy.

In physics, bad gravitational energy will disconnect the atmosphere from earth and it would result in a massacre of life as we know it.

In kinetics, bad kinetic energy will prevent you from performing any type of motion with momentum. Children would no longer be able to play on swings, or even get on the swing in the first place!

In chemistry, bad chemical energy will deplete the power of a battery or electrochemical cell.

Now in spirituality, bad energy will limit your manifestation of the divine.

A good example of this is life force energy, which is the essence of your being, consciousness and soul, according to neuropath Rita Louise, PhD, ND (

Imagine having bad energy flow through and infect THAT!

Take a moment to notice any infected energy flowing through your physical, emotional and spiritual body right now.

Think of a situation, recall and feel it and be aware of the negativity associated with it.

This energy is causing an imbalance, it is blocking your flow of better, deeper energy!

Detach yourself from this energy for a moment. Visualize your flow of energy as if it is a divine river, and visualize that BAD ENERGY as the contaminated muck that is glazed with the baggage of your negative thoughts and feelings from that situation.

Now picture your river gushing past the deep green plants & trees. Picture the cycle of life unfolding as the rabbits play by the river. Do you really want the rabbits to get ill from that energetic garbage?

...I didn't think so!

What other energetic garbage can you find in your life? I'm sure there's quite a few.

Writing them down is a great idea because it gives you clearer awareness plus puts them in order, so that you can better cleanse them. In spirit of energy cleaning, I invite you to grab a pen and paper and begin to write them down so you know what to clean.

Consider these while writing them down:

If there's energy flowing from a bad argument, it will infect a good relationship.

If there's energy flowing from a business failure, it will infect a good career.

If there's energy flowing from a negative thought that gnaws at your spirits over and over again, it will infect your self-confidence..

Take that entire load of bad energy and dump it in the healing basket because in today’s post, we’re headed to the Lightworker Launder’s!

Below are 6 of my favourite ways to cleanse that bad energy and restore the flow of divine energy. Now that your basket is full, let’s get cleaning!

1. Strengthen Your Anti-Toxic Energy Bubble.

Your energy bubble is a shield that, if strong enough, will ward off toxic energies. In real life, it can be known as your BOUNDARIES. This is where you learn to say NO to anything that doesn't feel right for you.

To cleanse your bubble, let's first imagine around your entire body a glowing circle of golden light. It's already there.. but our eyes cannot perceive it. If you're a person who has a hard time imagining things, you can print out a centred picture of yourself, and literally draw the circle around you with a high quality gold pen.
FYI, this would be a great activity to do to introduce children to the concept of spiritual energy!

Since your energy bubble is a safe space, you must keep it protected.

To emphasize the FEELING of safety, proceed to write down or add images of things that represent strength and protection for you.

Look/read them and allow them to empower you. Whether you're a strong lion with protective wings, or whether you're a moonlight faerie in a cloud of stardust.. Whatever resonates with you will trigger the right formula in your subconscious mind as long as you FEEL the strength and protection.

Lastly, a more 'spiritually advanced' way to strengthen your energy bubble is to ask your guardian angel to wrap their wings around you and invite in your guides and loved ones in spirit for a warm embrace, as if wrapping a warm and nourishing blanket around you and your not-so-soapy bubble.

2. Squeeze The Dirty Water Out Of The Fabric.

In other words, emotional release. This is where having a deep cry is hygienic. It's about letting shit out. Breathing it out, dancing it out, lifting it out, or as most of you know if you watch my instagram stories.. PUNCHING IT OUT.

As lightworkers we tend to carry the weight of other people's feelings, and that indubitably drains our own energy.

You don't want to trouble others with your lightwork, so you put on a brave face and suck up all those feelings garnered from the strains of the ones you love. It's energy laundry day and it's time for you to let that shit out!

Sometimes a random moment during your day will do that for you by triggering an emotional release. Welcome this shift in energy. Feel it deeply and feel it enough, until you naturally become ready to let it go.

Make sure you're actually FEELING it though -- feelings are healing in progress. So take a deep breathe, and let them flow out of you naturally and seamlessly.

3. Forgiveness Fairy > Mr. Clean

A few years back I was doing branding & marketing with a client agent for a known restaurant/bar in the city. A month goes by as I put my heart and soul into the work. Eventually, since this client was the agent's client (and the agent happened to be my friend!), that agent had difficulties following up with the client and ended up with a fraction of the agreed payment.

Nonetheless, although I overdelivered on my output, my earnings on that month from this client were ZERO. The agent kept promising pay each week and would not follow through. She even went on vacation shortly after. And by this time, I was fed up with asking. I was fed up with the emotional burden that felt like it was consuming me night after night. 
A voice in my head started plotting ways to get revenge, and I was slowly damaging my energy balance, slowly disconnecting from my higher self. It felt like I wasn't who I am.

Eventually I consciously made the decision to forgive. But even then, that voice kept crawling back. It took a few focused meditations, ranting to a close friend, and me literally messaging her for that energy burden to go away. The exact message I sent read:

"Hello, I have decided to forgive you for what has happened and to put the past behind me. We're cool."

I immediately felt a massive sense of relief.

Have you heard the old saying: “Holding onto resentment or unforgiveness is like holding onto a hot coal and expecting the other person to get burned”?

Forgiveness is about letting go of the hot coal. It doesn't mean that you approve of the person's behavior, I certainly did not! All it means is that you're getting rid of the energy which would likely cause YOU harm. Forgiveness is super hygienic, and you forgive so that YOU can heal.

If you're having a hard time forgiving someone, try using
 the ancient and powerful healing and forgiveness mantra from Hawaii called Ho’Oponopono (means ‘to make right’):

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

Repeat it with the person(s) in mind while in a meditative state. You are saying I’m sorry to engage your higher self and higher heart, the aspect of you that takes responsibility for all creations in your life at some level, even the ones that caused you pain or damage.

4. Cleaning With Mother Nature

Beneath our feet is a massive hub for divine energy, with all sorts of rainbows flowing through it. We are lucky to have Mother Nature, or Earth, available around the clock for energy work and grounding. The great thing about this method is that, unlike intuitive/energy based grounding which directs our energy upward through higher chakras, Earth-based grounding allows our energy to move down to the lower chakras for release.

Think of grounding like a circuit. The circuit already has currents flowing through it. The main components are Earth and Source. What can you do to connect to the currents of golden divine energy? Simply CONNECT yourself to Earth, and connect your SELF to Source.

Aside from the spiritual benefits of grounding, a scientific study on "Earthing" finds that barefoot grounding for just 15 minutes a day can reverse many inflammation-based health conditions and ionises the body in a positive way (negative ions).

I am living proof of this. I perform my beach meditations barefoot. And when there's grass, my shoes are coming off!

One thing I do to condition my feet (and mindset) is brisk walk on bare rocks for about 20 minutes straight. I do come across a lot of broken glass, but I now spot those like a hawk and avoid them. And even if I do step on some tiny shard, my mind is prepared in advance and the soles of my feet will suck it up and not complain.

When I am barefoot on Earth, every moment is spent exchanging energy exchange. Sometimes I give and send energy and light through Earth, other times I am in need of healing so I focus on releasing bad energy and swapping that for the good.

Already a barefoot troop? Take it to the next level by laying your belly down on a natural surface. Smell the green. Touch the brown. Feel the gold.

**BONUS!** Special Treatment For Dark, White & Colored Energies

There are numerous methods you can self-diagnose to really take your cleanse to the next level. Saging, Palo Santo, crystals and sweet grass are a few of many common methods.

Cord cutting is one my favourites. If you feel super connected to someone or something energetically, cording or "cutting the cord" between that connection aims to relieve that burden. How well it works depends on how well you can TRUST and FEEL the energy flow. If it's dawning on you, you probably feel it well.

If it's more abstract, ask of your guides/universe (with a clear INTENTION) to help you clear cords between you and anyone/thing in your life (past, present, future, or other dimensions).

If you feel that visualizing is not helping you feel the energy more intimately, you can try waving your hand around your solar plexus (to summon that energy) then literally pull it out as if you're pulling a cord out of your midsection. Personally, I am capable of cutting cords energetically by means of a focused meditation.

Next up is having an Aura Shower. This one's especially effective for imaginative people looking to clear their energies. Imagine vividly coloured light from Source rinsing over you like a shower, let it flow through you like a strong and invigorating shower.

Upgrade your Aura Shower by making it a Rainbow Shower. This time, do the same thing in the shower while imagining/intending rainbow coloured light running in the water. There are some really cool shower lighting out there so perhaps we can add that to our "buy list" for this year?

Final notes before closing:

  • NOTHING is worth you stressing about constantly (stress = bad energy).
  • Always breathe like it's your last breath.
  • Learn to forgive & forget.
  • Be more aware/careful about who you allow into your life and especially your energy bubble.
  • Smile more often & focus on positive thoughts and feelings for clean sources of energy.

Thank you for reading!

Which of these methods will you try next? Let us know in the comments below, and let's chat! :)

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