At Your Command, Fellow Comrade: Princess Luna & The Royal Wolf [SHORT STORY]

Posted on July 17 2018

At Your Command, Fellow Comrade: Princess Luna & The Royal Wolf [SHORT STORY]

In this short story, Princess Luna overlooks her kingdom of enlightenment. One day, a flock of white doves deliver some rather devastating news

There once lived a princess named Luna.

By the humble upbringing of a brave king and compassionate queen, Princess Luna’s childhood sculpted her into an ideal leader as well a role model for souls from all walks of life.

Under her fair leadership, justice is honoured and dishonour bared consequence.

A Message From The Doves

At the break of day, Princess Luna would overlook the kingdom and smile at the site of the animals playing together. She would gently place her hands on an ornamented white windowsill, and lean into the glistening rays of the morning sun.

Each morning at the same time, a flock of white doves would pass by and deliver to her the most up-to-date news about the kingdom.

One day, the white doves spoke to her about the rising number of deer deaths in the kingdom. That same day, Princess Luna took action and eventually got down to the bottom of the issue.

To her surprise, she discovered that a lone wolf has been out on a gluttonous rampage within the kingdom!

The Temperance Of The Wounded

Disguised as a gypsy wanderer, she went out to find the ill-tempered wolf.

The wolf was sleeping between two trees. Princess Luna gently woke up the wolf.

Not long after conversation, it was strikingly obvious to Princess Luna that the wolf bared a wounded soul in need of healing.

The princess was compelled to take action.

She wanted to take the wolf home for healing, and thought of an irresistible offer to persuade the stubborn wolf.

She promised the wolf that if he would live with her for one month, she would feed him all the royal meals that a wolf would desire!

And the wolf agreed!

Days went by as the princess consulted the wolf and blessed him with her wisdom.

Among her teachings to the wolf was a lesson most crucial, leading to the wolf’s understanding of the role of deer in the kingdom:
he deer's contribution is to protect the deciduous forests and behave as role models of justice among the smaller animals.

According to the princess, the deer’s high vibrant energies were also essential in the harmony and betterment of the kingdom.

Yet, she still felt reluctant that the wolf understood this premise..

A Test Of Fate

One day, to test the wolf’s state, she plotted for two deer to visit the palace in which she lived while she would be out.

The next morning, the deer heard about the invitation and made their way.

Upon arriving, the wolf reluctantly let them in..

It was the first time the wolf saw deer since his last rampage. In his mind is a weight of flashbacks from the days of violent bloodshed..

Wolf found himself in the middle of a conscience tug-of-war!

A part of him wanted to unleash habits of the past. But instead, the wolf did nothing but look the deer right in the soul of their eyes. Wolf's still reaction took them by surprise.

They kneeled before the wolf with utmost honour and uttered.. 

At your command, fellow comrade!

Truce Between Souls 

When hearing these words, the wolf nearly broke into tears.

Because of Princess Luna’s teachings, he has come to a self-realization. He felt a fool for being such a foul citizen of wisdom. But there he was standing before weaker animals, animals who displayed exceptional discipline and respect--which was a revelation for the wolf in comparison to his previous, damaged self.

After an intense moment of silence, the wolf offered to train their fawns & calves in order for them to better survive in the harsh upcoming winter.

The deer, reacting ecstatically, had agreed and expressed interest in mending their relations with the wolf.

From afar, Princess Luna saw the deer exit her home and made her way in.

“You have proven your wisdom and have gone through a beautiful transformation, wolf. If your will would consider it, it would be my pleasure to take you in as the Royal Wolf of our kingdom.” she offered happily.

The wolf was speechless.

He kneeled before the princess and uttered..

At your command fellow comrade!

-The End-
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