Dark Throne [Laura's Vampire Poem]

Posted on January 23 2019

Dark Throne [Laura's Vampire Poem]

In this short poem, Laura shares with us one of her darkest vampire poems. 
I'll let you touch my shadow, but you must never tell...

"Dark Throne" 
By Laura Gamsby

Each Star screams, 
"Take down all that you know of me, for I am in the dark and you can't see!"

They whisper,
 "I'll let you touch my shadow, but you must never tell." 
And into the Darkness our hearts both fell.

I say, "You can take away my final breath, but promise me it won't lead to death."

The Stars seek their final demise, standing by the Moon until the sunrise.

I follow a path that chases me until dawn, 
where at the end I uncover a dark throne. 
Perched atop all those who call themselves damned
I drink the blood of every lamb.
And at the end of each thirsty night
I'll sing my song.

The story of Death being
neither forgotten, nor wrong.



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