Distant Dreams [ROMANCE POEM!]

Posted on July 27 2018

Distant Dreams [ROMANCE POEM!]

In this short poem, Mo gets lost in the deepest corners of her alternate dimensions... Intrigued by the mystery and unknown beauty of the parallel reality in her dreams, he begins to manifest himself into her world of sleep...

She sleeps like a wonder
in the distant sea.
She let her worries flee,
they’re persisting free.
She unwinds in solemnity
after the fiscal year,
extruding a blue light
from her wishful dream...


A state of calm bliss
after a good night’s kiss.
A charming wish
under the ocean’s plea.
A moonlight gleams
on the distant seas,
while her breathing sways
with the mountain breeze.


Her heart is blushing
ever so bright it seems.
It is surely my wish
she remains this pleased.
My heart is touched
and of warmth it steams,
As I long to be the hero
of her distant dreams.

-The End-

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