Forbidden Love [SHORT STORY: Esmeralda & The Angel Octopus]

Posted on November 22 2017

Forbidden Love [SHORT STORY: Esmeralda & The Angel Octopus]

In this short story, Esméralda the vampire notices a human trespassing on the vampire planet. The human proceeds to show Esméralda footage of the sun--what happens next will SHOCK you...


Here I am, laying on the ground looking up into the night sky, with my boyfriend in my arms shrivelling to ashes.

I feel as though the axe of love trespassed into my rib cage and chopped my heart in half. I was holding that axe.
And I trespassed through my own rib cage and chopped my own heart in half. I must have killed my boyfriend - I deserve this. 

I’m going to stay here and sleep until the sun comes up in two hours and turns my body into ashes.

Stay alive? It’s too late for that now.
Nobody could ever understand what we’ve been through.
How can I talk about this to anyone?
My family would definitely kick me out if I told them I killed my boyfriend.
And they would definitely chop me in half if I told them my boyfriend was a human.

I guess since we’ve got some time to spare before sunrise I’ll tell you about our story.
Perhaps one day you could turn it into a documentary about a vampire and a human in love.
Or it would actually be a vampire and filmmaker in love.

My human boyfriend Ethan had a dream of making a documentary about vampires..


The Encounter

I was out for a walk one starry night some years ago. Living on a vampire planet, it's easy to sense humans..
So on that night 
I sensed exactly that - human blood near by.

I started walking in that direction.
Eventually, I arrive to a territorial region with a vast ocean view, and I saw the human there.
When he saw me looking, the human male dropped his camera on the ground and jetted in the opposite direction.

“Wait! I won’t hurt you!” I yelled out to him.

“Neither will I!” he yelled back as he made his way to his crew’s spaceship.

I was open to the idea of dating a human, until I saw how fearful humans were around vampires.
I needed me a brave man, not a fearful chicken!
But I guess that was okay, I mean most of us do enjoy a good meal of human blood.
But I didn’t want his blood.

I’m actually a hugan (a vampire who practices a ‘human-free’ diet, otherwise known as a humatarian) and I just wanted to chat to the guy and see what he was filming.
But he ran away the same way like a deer on the hunt.
Disappointed, I decided to turn around and walk away.

Around this time, other vampires had heard the ruckus and began nearing in towards the human.
I remember looking back and realizing that the human's film crew fully just took off without even picking him up!
I thought to myself.. "What ass holes humans can be sometimes."
Then, each step the vampires took toward the human would be a heartbeat closer to the time of his death.

I felt this strong urge to intervene and rescue this human.

When the other vampires approached the human for a melee, I blocked their attack just at the right time to defend the human from harm.
The vampires were not happy about that.

But I got myself out of the situation in such a James Bond kinda way.

I bribed the fuckers.

I offered them 55 VSD (vampire states dollars) - equivalent to exactly 800 American dollars - in order to spare him and keep the encounter a secret.

The human looked at me in utter shock, and his face was as pale as Nicole Kidman’s thighs.

I helped the human up and we blindly 
walked into the horizon.

I explained to him about the hugan diet - the reason why I didn't suck his blood. He surprisingly  found it interesting.

I told him my name is Esemralda.

He told me his name was Ethan.

As the skies shifted and the stars multiplied, Ethan and I spent hours watching his footage..

A Love For The Lethal Sun

You see, we vampires die when we see the sun.
But this human, also known as Ethan, had footage that contained dozens and dozens of time lapses and close ups of the vampire sun.
I was completely blown away.
I fell in love with it.
And before I knew it,
I fell in love with him too.

Ever since that night, Ethan and I would secretly meet.
I’d show him the most photogenic areas in our region.
He would film.
Then we’d make love as if the world was coming to an end the very next day.
Then we’d have the deepest conversations under the stars.
And in each conversation, he showed me more and more footage of the striking sun that none of our vampire race had ever seen.. 

“Esmeralda,” Ethan said on a memorable night.
“Yes dear?” I replied.
“One day I’m going to find a way to show you the sun in person.” he announced.

“If the sun’s rays grace humans with warm hugs, I am fully satisfied being graced by yours. You're my sun.” I confessed to him.

We were very much in love.
And I was so grateful for his genuineness. And the blessing of such an awakening experience.

He treated me like no other vampire has.
He saw the potential in me and offered his shoulder during my lowest moments.
He wiped the tears off of my cheeks and kissed them with lips that would command the reign of warm goosebumps all over my cold skin.
In our vampire society, 'casual love' is frowned upon - but Ethan gave me his love, and I reciprocated.

But all that came to an end.

Ethan became nothing but ashes scattered upon my numb, cold-blooded body.

Yet I still had that affinity for seeing the vampire sun.

It started to rise. It was a bittersweet moment as I had to prepare my death bed simultaneously.

My last words:

"I will remember you Ethan, as I spend my final moments in this life staring the vampire sun in the face.."

As the sun came up, Ethan’s ashes began to glow of gold.

They vigorously multiplied in a vertical direction until they formed a giant golden octopus.

Up the centre of the octopus travelled a wave of energy at the speed of light!
The vicious energy pierced through his head into a unicorn horn.

Colossal silver wings protruded out from his sides and lifted him into the air!

Esmeralda found herself still alive as the sun began to rise..

“What is going on! Who are you and why am I still alive!” shouted Esmerelda to the magical creature.

“Esmeralda! When we were asleep I had a dream that I would show you the sun in person,” the giant octopus proclaimed, “and I felt that the right thing to do was to take my own life away and make that happen."

“You have got to be kidding Ethan! You killed yourself all along?! I thought I had sucked your blood during a nightmare or something!” Esmeralda answered in total shock.

When they were sleeping together, Ethan had killed himself - but now he has manifested into a giant octopus.

The octopus shone a protective light from his core onto the love-bent vampire, and this light shielded her from the sun’s rays..

“You have been the best thing that has happened to me, Esmeralda. There is no documentary that would satisfy me as much as the one of you being happy under the sun. This is our documentary now, and it is only the beginning..”

-The End-

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