Fifty Shades Of Blue: A Story Of Loyalty [Abigail & The Unicorn Wolf]

Posted on August 06 2018

Fifty Shades Of Blue: A Story Of Loyalty [Abigail & The Unicorn Wolf]

In this short story, we take a trip to the planet of Loyalty, where life and death depend on the values of its inhabitants. Tag along as Wolf guides Abigail through a dark, enchanting story of enlightenment!

Section I: An Eternal Moonlight Culture

In the planet of Loyalty, sunsets and sunrises do not exist. Instead, as one moon sets, another moon rises, and the cycle repeats itself until four moons have shed their divine lights on the planet's surface.

These nights of never ending moonlight make this planet a gem among other planets. Night skies are so clear that as shooting stars pass by, you can see the sparkles glisten in their trails. Numerous shooting stars travel through vast space-blankets composed of thousands of stars and hundreds of exoplanets.

It is now time for the second moon to set and the third moon to rise, which marks the occurrence of an important event this week: Gary and Martha, the Loyalty planet's favourite travel couple, are expected to arrive from yet another exciting excavation in the cosmos!

The lively citizens of the Loyalty planet have been preparing for Gary and Martha's arrival weeks in advance. At the spaceport, they eagerly await their arrival.

Small talk ensues among the citizens as a small jet-like shuttle appears in the distance. Leading a trail of blazing green fire, it's appearance causes the citizens to pause and stare...

The citizens of the Loyalty planet are familiar with all the different shuttles that travel around their planet, just like humans are familiar with the different planes that travel around Earth. Surely, this jet-like shuttle leading a trail of blazing green fire is Gary and Martha's private travel shuttle.

The shuttle lands firmly on the ground. Gary and Martha depart the shuttle, and the citizens of the Loyalty planet explode in celebratory energy!

An eventful night lies ahead. The tribe escorts Gary & Martha to the party buses, where they would drive to the location of the event.

Upon arrival, the gang falls in love with the location's setting: flatlands scattered with gorgeous meadows and flowers never before seen by the human eye. The stars are exceptionally bright in a magical sky that reveals the planets and wonders in the far, far distance. On the Loyalty planet, the night is always young.

Overwhelmed with excitement, the dancing finally begins!

In parallel, a full moon's light begins to gleam on the extremities of the crowd's dancing silhouettes. The vibrant sound of the congos ripples across acres of fertile land. Tonight marks yet another successful celebratory event among the citizens of the Loyalty planet.

Gary and Martha, having done all they can to reach their current status of popularity and lifestyle, let go of all their worries and continue to party late into the night.

Section II: The Valley Of The Dead

Most of the Loyalty planet is comprised of mountainous land owned by sophisticated tribes, yet like every instance of polarity, the planet contains areas that are raided by the scum of their people.

In fact, some say that there are areas in this planet that are bound by a hundred curses that no spell can break!

In one particular area of this region, the Valley Of The Dead, thousands of scattered bodies fade to ashes.

Some are slowly suffering to their long-awaited deaths, and others have already passed away.

All, however, possess one common trait among the loyalty breed: the blue in their skins has faded and their skin tones has become pale and of a muted grey substance.

The saturation of the color blue in their skin ultimately determines their survival.

You see, the only way for the blue-colored people of Loyalty to survive is to act virtuous and loyal. Every act of loyalty produces an increase of blue pigments in their skin, and every act of disloyalty desaturates this pigment. Without enough blue pigment, survival becomes close to impossible.

On the other side of the planet, Gary & Martha continue to celebrate with the blue people of Loyalty, while at the Valley Of The Dead, the dying grey segment of the population continue to rot to their foreseen demise.

Young Abigail of the Loyalty breed was among this dying segment, laying unconscious over a pile of dying bodies and engulfed by the horrid stenches of the Valley Of The Dead.

In a sudden moment, she opens her eyes and attempts to make sense of her surroundings. She notices that everyone around her had skin so pale it was as if they were characters from The Adam's Family.

Bones weak, she struggles to bend her knees and get her foot firm on the ground. But her spine remains bent and her body is unable to straighten.

As she coughs, foam drips from her mouth onto the thigh of a fellow citizen dying right under her.

"Don't you worry about me, Abigail. My wrongs have led me here and I have lived a long and fulfilling life." the dying citizen mumbles as he structures his last sentence:

"We are the people of Loyalty in..."

Abigail was speechless. Yet she did not quite care about the crumbling corpse. She had been sleeping for years, sleeping in tears, this rude awakening has left her cranky and fierce; and not even death was on her ranking of fears.

Her survival instincts kick in as she displays the most intimating bitch face ever seen by man. The dying citizen was but an obstacle in her path of hopeful hopelessness, and she was hellbent on making it out of The Valley Of The Dead alive.



Section III: An Extraordinary Shooting Star

After many attempts at picking herself up, Abigail was beginning to lose hope at survival.

Voices in her head were getting the best of her, whispering things like:

"Rest your body Abigail,
Shut your eyes Abigail!
Let us transcend now,
Betcha' know how!"

Abigail collapses onto her back. Yet rather than shutting her eyes to sleep, she fights to keep them wide open. Consuming her was the curiosity of why and how she got there in the first place.

The third moon is beginning to set, and in her line of sight is a magnificent, surreal sky that perfectly captures the most enlightening of scenes in all the cosmos.

In this moment, Abigail is not only seeing a spectacular display of nature at its finest, but she is also seeing scenes from her dreams and memories. Dazed and drowsy after years of sleep, she is incapable of making a distinction between past, present, or future.

Yet, while on the verge of her death in the haunted valley, Abigail is consumed by an overpowering will to survive.

As her body begins to get raided by insects, she notices a shooting star trailing the sky and resonates strongly with its presence...

With a stark intent, she proceeds to make a wish:

"My only wish... to learn the ways of Loyalty."



Section IV: Divine Guidance

Immediately after her wish, she witnesses the shooting star change routes...

Her eyes open wide in utter shock as the shooting star shuttles straight towards her!

"Has my will to survive failed me? Could this be the end of my existence?" she wondered in panic, blinded by an overwhelming aura of golden white light surrounding the star.

The ground begins to shake. Abigail closes her eyes, unable to lock her line of vision with this blinding white light.

And finally, in an epic moment, an ANIMAL lands swiftly on all fours...

Abigail thought to herself,
was not the explosion I anticipated..."

The animal was a mystical WOLF with silver blue fur, angelic eyes, and a unicorn horn that seems to be made of the finest crystal compounds.

Wolf spoke to Abigail:

"Young Abigail. Do you wish to learn the ways of Loyalty, no matter how difficult or pain-staking the process may be?"

...that is indeed my wish..."
Abigail responded.

Wolf's horn begins to glow and conjures a beam of light that engulfs Abigail's weak body.

In this moment, the beam of light, which constricts Abigail in mid air, summons a superior strength within her bones and muscles!

Yet, it does nothing to the strength of her heart, which possesses the strength of a lion's, according to Wolf's intuitive observation.

He then releases Abigail from mid-air and she lands firmly on her feet.

Her glorious hair, never once cut, feels as though it was styled anew. Pains and wounds vanish as skin grows anew. Scars and bites from the nibbling of insects heal too, but most importantly, the dark voices in her head are now finally subdued...

In this moment of revival, a familiar bond blossomed between the wolf and Abigail, as if they had met each other before...

They look each other in the eye with intensity, and more noticeably, a glare of awareness of the important work to come.



Section V: Passengers Of Fate

"Hop on my back, Abigail. There is a place I have to take you." Wolf said.

Abigail refrains from opening dialogue with the wolf. With the horrid stenches surrounding her from the slowly moving dying bodies, she looks forward to changing locations.

The two arrive to the new location on the border of the Valley Of The Dead.

Here is where shuttles pass to deliver disloyal members of the loyalty breed. 

A shuttle lands right by them, departing the new passengers into their unfortunate fate.

"Abigail, it is time for you to learn the ways of Loyalty," Wolf affirmed strongly with a father-like voice,
"Please use your intuition to select one of these passengers."

Abigail is taken back at Wolf's request.

This is not the outcome she is hoping for. The stenches are still strong and the thought of these pale passengers being sentenced to such a horrific death is gnawing at her broken soul.

She takes a deep breath and proceeds to walk towards the passengers. She looks to the left. And then to the right. And she selects the one she is most drawn to.

She looks to Wolf, and Wolf's reflection is crystal clear against her blue eyes submerged in her crystal tears.

"Please don't make me kill him!" Abigail cries.

"Silence!" the wolf yells, "This is your wish, Abigail. You willingly vowed to accept completing the work necessary to fulfill your wish, regardless of how difficult or pain-staking the process would be.
I will not have excuses!"

Meanwhile, the selected passenger is in utter fear as the only companions left in his life are escorted across the valley into the distance.

To the passenger, this is the end.

Nothing was left.

Nothing but a triangle of escalating intensity between Wolf, Abigail, and the chosen passenger.

The presence of Wolf is vastly intimating. Wolf has stark white eyes, a horn raided by electric currents, and a glorious fur that swayed unpredictably.

Abigail is as afraid as the passenger. She is shaking and twitching like a madwoman, eaten alive by the fangs of dark uncertainty--yet next to Wolf, she also comes off as highly intimidating to the passenger.

The passenger found it difficult to come to terms with this event. The demons of death were chewing on his shattered soul. In total panic, he attempts to escape abruptly by sprinting blindly into the near distance.

But Wolf would not allow such a foolish act since it disrespects his presence.

Wolf's horn then emits a crippling energy that halts the passenger, lifts him off his feet and guides him back to the very spot he attempted to escape from.

Now paralyzed and constricted, the passenger is frozen and unable to move.

Abigail, clueless about what is to come, is in utter shock.



Section V: The Commandments Of Loyalty

What is seconds feels like eternities to Abigail and the passenger, who are facing each other in front of Wolf.

On the other hand, Wolf stands strong with paws firmly planted into the ground and horn spazzing with tiny violet electric currents.

Wolf slams front two legs into the ground causing a shockwave or circles to expand outwardly from his radius. Both Abigail and the passenger react by abruptly turning to Wolf.

With their undivided attention on lock, Wolf proceeds to speak:

"The FIRST commandment of Loyalty is:

Thou Shalt Be Honest.

This man, through various instances in his life, picked up the habit of being dishonest. And while he was given many chances to overcome his dishonesty, he continued down that path. As a result, his blue skin pigments began to fade."
Wolf explains.

Upon understanding this commandment, Abigail's pale gray skin adopts a light shade of blue...

She is still unsure about what is going on, yet she is fully focused on Wolf's recitation of the Loyalty Commandments.

"The SECOND commandment of Loyalty is:

Thou Shalt Be Objective.

The passenger before us is a man of judgement. He would let a person's outer layer and outer circumstances steer his opinion of that person, without taking the time to consider their life experiences.
With negative thoughts led by inaccurate deductions, his actions proved to be threatening to our greater good. 

As a result, his blue skin pigments continued to fade."
Wolf recites, as Abigail's skin adopts yet ANOTHER shade of blue...

The passenger now feels his guilt shake his conscience like a massive earthquake. Still paralyzed, only his teary eyes are able to express the dawning fear that consumes his being.

"The THIRD commandment of Loyalty is:

Thou Shalt Deploy Loyalty Wisely.

Many were the times this man gave unfair judgements due to his Loyalty. Without forethought, he encouraged his wife to have his children, yet knew he was unable to provide a life for them. Indubitably, this was one of many selfish acts performed without consideration of the withheld consequences. 

As a result, his blue skin pigments continued to fade even more."
Wolf continued.

Abigail's skin adopted a THIRD shade of blue as she is fed the eye-opening truths from Wolf...

"The FOURTH commandment of Loyalty is:

Thou Shalt Be Loyal Without Expecting Things In Return.

"This man was a rebel to the pillars of fellowship among beings. Obstructing the spiritual aspect of connecting with a living being, he expected things in return from every friend or family member in his life. And when they did not deliver on their part of the 'deal', he would react in a harsh and unjust manner.

You see Abigail, true acts of loyalty are genuine and sometimes require sacrifice. They require you to give willingly and unconditionally, without expectation. By faith in divine forces, loyalty is always compensated in other ways."
Wolf went on, and Abigail's skin adopted a FOURTH shade of blue...

Passenger continues to be torn apart as Wolf recites these commandments. He is embarrassed, shamed, regretful, yet fully aware of his lack of understanding and lack of willingness for betterment.

A lack of understanding and a lack of willingness for betterment is indeed the force that threatens and takes the lives of the people of Loyalty.

Wolf continues:
"The FIFTH and Final commandment of Loyalty is:

Thou Shalt Be Honest About His Or Her Vices.

All beings come with imperfections. The Commandments of Loyalty aim to better, not to perfect. However, this man refused to accept his vices, hiding them and putting on a face in front of others. For example, he has a noticeable trust issue. Rather than being honest about it, he would fake trust for the sake of gain, among his friends and family. Such cunning behaviour directly conflicts with the conduct of Loyalty.

And that concludes the Commandments of Loyalty, young Abigail."

As Abigail digested this information, her blue skin pigments became rich and potent. Due to her attentiveness, willingness to learn and capacity of understanding, Abigail's skin shed its tone from a pale grey to a royal blue.

She had learned the ways of Loyalty.

But the real challenge still lies ahead...




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