ROLEPLAY SERIES 001 | You Are A Moonchild Sharing Wisdom With The Moon

Posted on June 04 2018

ROLEPLAY SERIES 001 | You Are A Moonchild Sharing Wisdom With The Moon

Manifesting your most divine self is literally a game of roleplay, in which you roleplay as the person you wish to become.
This s
eries will guide you along an enchanted roleplay and will call upon your higher self. Enjoy!


The day was long and the night has come,
The moon is full as the wild dogs hum.
You make your way to your comfy bed,
And ease those thoughts that sway your head.

Your head sits gently on your pillow in rest,
For your bed is your shrine and your sacred nest.
You see the moon shine through your window sill,
With a heart singing songs beneath your breast.

Sleeping Beauty | ROLEPLAY SERIES 001 |

The moon is full and it’s energy’s strong,

But you haven’t noticed it’s vibes in long.
Well tonight the moon wants to open up,
And your ears open up as it sings its song!

“I have witnessed the books of a billion lives,
Today they rest on the mystical shelves.
I have witnessed the lives that have ended in regret,
And also the ones of the higher selves.

There are those who live with no purpose or drive,
And those who reflect and build their souls to thrive.
There are those who abort their life’s meaning and mission,
Blinded by a misleading sense of intuition.”

Contemplating |

You start to feel goosebumps trickle down your spine,
Because you know that you are one among the divine.
The moon sees all and it knows your intentions,
So let's look up every night and give it a mention.

“But why then are humans living in unsatisfactory ways,
Technology-crazed, procrastinating for days?
I’m over 4 billion years old and I’ve done the math,
You will not stumble down that saddening path.”

“You possess a soul with a very special role,
It rests in the universe as a perfect whole.
Every fleeting moment that your energy glows,
The universe reacts to your humble prose.”

“You attract abundance and you radiate love,
You have a presence that I keep dreaming of.
Stay true to yourself, because there’s none like you,
Do your good service and expand the real you.”

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