Me And The Moon [SHORT POEM]

Posted on July 19 2018

Me And The Moon [SHORT POEM]

In this short poem, Mo recalls the timeline of his relationship with the moon. From the early days of birth not knowing what it was, to the late days of adulthood where the moon got all the buzz...

1989 -
 you were a mysterious case.
A blurry white ball floating in outer space.
I could barely see anything through my tiny little eyes!
Your mysteries were too vast for my tiny little pace.

1995 - I would look at you at night.
You weren’t made out of cheese but I guess that was alright.
Teachers said you existed even with the day ahead,
But to me you existed to tell us when to go to bed!

1999 - I’d been seeing you for years.
Why did grown ups look to you when they broke out in tears?
You were just an employee working overnight shifts,
Supervising skies, giving light as a gift.

2002 - my parents, no longer together.
I needed to be stronger while drifting through the ether..
It was my turn to look up to you from the hall,
And I felt that things would be quite okay after all.

2009 - you looked absolutely divine.
You shone your light of glory as I learned the art of rhyme.
I picked up the guitar and sang a song or two,
A lovely night for two with emotions painted blue.

2018 - here we meet again!
Bleeding love that never ends through this ballpoint Bently pen.
I’ve been witnessing you move with the motion of my days
I grant my truest gaze to my truest glowing friend.

-The End-

SuperMoon Gathering
In the image: Soul tribe gathering during our last Supermoon meet-up on Monday, December 12, 2016.

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