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Sometimes, all you need is a marriage between the opposing shades of black and white to bring out the most colourful thoughts and emotions. Each art piece is a combination of hand-drawn black strokes, textured graphite, and imaginative, magickal musings.
They reflect an organic interpretation of manifestation, decorated by the influence Tattoo culture, Japanese culture and Bohemian art. 

These pieces were created with absolute love and are intended to challenge your imagination, 
and to remind you of your own inner path, connection with the universe, and personal alignment.
Let them come to life in your imagination and let them guide you, as they did in mine!

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WIMU Floral Drift
From $24.50 - $42.50
WIMU Butterfly Kundalini
From $24.50 - $34.00
WIMU Wolf Magick
From $24.50 - $34.00
WIMU Journey
From $24.50 - $34.00
WIMU Celestial Space Nymph
From $24.50 - $32.00
WIMU Soul Drift
From $24.50 - $42.50
WIMU Of Life & Death
From $24.50 - $42.50
WIMU Panda Magick
From $24.50 - $42.50